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Want to Explore Alaska Where Locals Haven’t Been?

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Do you want to explore where you haven’t been and places only accessible by water (as is so much of Alaska)? Book a cruise owned by a fellow Alaskan and hop aboard UnCruise Adventures. This is no ordinary cruise! Skiffs take you where the ships can’t go to. Bushwack through the Tongass National Forest, stand up paddle board in a calm fjord, kayak in serene quiet or among crackling icebergs. You can be active, or just kick back and take in the views. When wildlife is spotted, there’s no schedule requiring the small ship to move on so passengers can observe wildlife behavior and capture amazing photos. You might be able to hang out in the Zodiac with sea otters paddling nearby, observe humpback whales bubble feeding, or maybe see a bear foraging along the shoreline. You can go to shore in Glacier National Park on some itineraries. Naturalists provide information about the history, environment, and wildlife which enhances the experience. After an exciting, and if you wish, an action-packed day, you’ll refuel with scrumptious cuisine. There are no formal nights and attire is casual. Creature comforts also include a spa, yoga on the deck, and more. Every day is memorable on an expedition cruise!

UnCruise Adventures has seven ships in Alaska that accommodate from 22 to 86 passengers. These small yachts offer a casual ambiance along with superb service. They pack in the fun, excitement, and awe of Alaska. With itineraries of 7, 12, or 14 nights, and cruising seven months of the year, there’s a trip for everyone. They are introducing a winter experience! Check out this 8 day cruise:

If you want a slightly larger ship that also gets you to off-the-beaten-path Alaska, I recommend Lindblad Expeditions. Lindblad Expeditions is similar to but different than UnCruise Adventures. Lindblad Expeditions National Geographic ‘s four ships in Alaska accommodate either 62 or 100 passengers.* They have several itineraries, generally 6 or 8 days, on over 100 embarkations. There’s a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor on all cruises. Take a look at these two cruises, but there are more options:

I have been on both of these cruise lines, and I am addicted to them! Which one is for you? Let’s chat about that! I would love to help you.

Want to know more about Expedition Cruising? See the Expedition blog here:

BTW, there are other expedition ships in Alaska for 2023, one being Seabourn ultra-luxury and Hurtigruten which has two larger ships welcoming 528 and 530 passengers each. They also have a large citizen science area on the ship which many enjoy.

*(The Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Resolution ship cruises from Alaska to Greenland July 24 to August 14.)

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