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To Alaska and Beyond, to the Yukon!

Today’s winning Alaska Cruise and Tour goes to Holland America Line.

Calling history buffs and nature lovers! You not only hear the storied lore of the gold rush, but you also walk the same streets as the hardy souls who chased their dreams. While we stay warm during winter with technical layers and Gore-Tex, the miners weren’t as cozy, and their lifestyle is on display in a Dawson City Museum. You don’t have to be a train fan to be captivated by the treasure trove of Klondike Mines Railway locomotives in the museum, too. Many historical buildings bring this history to life and sadly, the tailings and environmental damage are also evident. We took the scenic White Pass Railway from Skagway to White Horse and no way could we even imagine hiking the 33-mile Chilkoot Trail while carrying heavy survival and mining gear. This tour is a combination 4-day cruise, rail, comfortable motorcoach, and Yukon flight. Holland American Cruise Line will take you to these remote places seamlessly. I also like that their ship is considered mid-sized. I did this several years ago with a group and we still talk about the experiences we had and the memories we made. You can do the cruise first or last, depending on whether you want to end with touring Denali National Park, or end on the cruise where you can relax after touring. So grab your partner, family, or friends and plan this trip. Ask me how you can spot moose near Fairbank!

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Here's a link to one option but there are multiple other choices:

Holland America Line - Yukondenali – Tour Y5l (12 days) | Virtuoso (with Glaicer Bay)

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