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Globetrotting Keeping You Awake?

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

If you're like me, you don’t catch z’s easily while flying or when in your home away from home. For me, adrenaline is pumping, my mind is trying to resolve issues or plan for the next day. I need a turn-off switch! I found one in Sleep Stories by Calm. I downloaded the app for its meditations and then got hooked on Sleep Stories. I’m partial to the ones about travel, of course! It’s tranquil to hear a soothing voice describe a scenic rail journey, a breathtaking sunset in the African savanna, the mesmerizing northern lights, enchanting Iguazu Falls, the amazing wildlife and jungles of Madagascar, and so many other experiences. The app has sleep stories about Murano glass makers, music, professional basketball, and Shakespeare. I enjoy the stories for kids, too! There’s a wide variety of topics and narrators, so there’s something for everyone. I have my favorites and I’m sure you will find yours. I download a few for flights when I don’t have access to cell service or Wi-Fi. Most nights the story lulls me to sleep before I hear the end. How blissful that is! I set my app to play soothing music after the story ends. Bye-bye tossing and turning!

Calm not only includes Sleep Stories, but Daily Meditations, Music, Soundscapes, Mindful Tools, and more. Give it a try if you want to calm your nerves, settle your thoughts, or improve your focus. I wouldn’t dream of traveling without it. You can try the app for free. The website is

Sweet Dreams!

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