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I am passionate about nature, wildlife, and scenic landscapes.  Yet, my history-lover self is enthralled by the cities and cultures of the world. 


As a lifelong adventure seeker, expedition cruising and adventure travel are in my wheelhouse.  I have hiked throughout the world, backpacked all over the Sierras, cross-country and downhill skied, mountain biked, scuba-dived, and have been to nearly half of the U.S. National Parks. 


I enjoy helping others discover this wonderful planet of ours and to meet other peoples who call it home. 


As much as travel brings us joy, conveys knowledge, enriches our lives, and opens our minds, it does result in a carbon footprint. Consequently, I incorporate sustainability whenever I can.  I donate a portion of my commissions to the Nature Conservancy, plus donate to other causes such as WWF, Oceana, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, and as needed for natural disasters as they arise. 

My associate and I have been collaborating with clients for a combined 50 years, expertly planning their dream vacations.  I specialize in adventure and luxury travel while keeping sustainability in mind and Jill has vast travel experience.

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